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Lynnette got started in Cavaliers because she traveled a lot alone and wanted companionship. Lynnette and Randy had lost their youngest son, Matthew a few years before and Lynnette really wanted a great travel companion and a dog to assist with her grieving process. Lynnette says that "Losing a child is a very difficult time and filling the void of pain with one of laughter and love is truly healing." She got Toby and he went everywhere with her. Lynnette was raised with great Foxhounds. Her Dad, Homer Wells, bred, participated in field trials and shows, and had fun with his Foxhounds until he was 80 years old. Her Dad told her she needed a Cavalier, so she found a Cavalier!! After Randy was around Toby, he would want him to stay home, so for Christmas that year, Homer bought him a beautiful Black and Tan Cavalier named Lady Guinevere. Lynnette and Randy brought her in around midnight and she ran up on Randy's shoulders and has stayed with him and in his lap or waddling behind him everywhere he goes every since.

Lynnette and Homer decided it would be fun to show Toby, 
as he was a pretty little Ruby male. They went to an 
International show as it is much less intimidating than the 
AKC shows and the judges will sit down and critique each 
and every dog and the owner gets a good idea of the 
quality of the dog. Toby did very well and a retired handler, 
Gary Fox, took pity on those pretty little cavaliers and help 
spruce them up a bit and loaned a show lead. Dad had 
thought he and Lynnette could buy a lead at the show... 
but there are no vendors at the International shows like
 there are at AKC shows... so all they had was a chain 
collar and leash!

The handler, Gary, talked Lynnette into letting him show 
Toby in an upcoming AKC show in Savannah. He won his 
first time in the ring!! The fever was catching and Lynnette 
and Randy have been showing ever since!! Randy and
 Lynnette lost their second and last son, so they decided to start showing more and spending more times going to shows. They have been fortunate to acquire several very nice Cavaliers and are having great fun watching the young ones come into their own.

Homer died July of 2013.